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Attorney Steven Scharboneau is an experienced Phoenix DUI, domestic violence, and criminal defense lawyer. It is important to understand both your options and your rights when you are up against Phoenix criminal charges. This is why Steven offers a free consultation to discuss your case with 24/7 availability. Understanding the jurisdiction you are in, the charges against you and what next steps you should take is the first step to dealing with criminal charges.

The City of Phoenix is the fifth largest city in the United States, covering just under 518 square miles. The city spans from the far end of the 202 Highway all the way up to Anthem on the East side of the I-17 highway. Phoenix is largely patrolled by the Phoenix Police Department, but is also patrolled by the Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS) and the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office.

If you are up against a Phoenix DUI charge, domestic violence charge or other criminal charge, chances are that you will be summoned to appear at the Phoenix Municipal Court. The Phoenix Municipal Court is located in the heart of Phoenix at 300 West Jefferson Street in downtown Phoenix. This is where Phoenix misdemeanor charges are adjudicated. If you are facing felony charges in Phoenix, you will be summoned to the Maricopa County Superior Court just down the street.

Sometimes, Phoenix criminal charges are adjudicated in the Maricopa County Justice Courts. Given how large Phoenix is, there are many of the justice courts within the city limits. Your case might be held at a justice court depending on where the alleged crime occurred. For example, if a Phoenix DUI took place on a highway you may be facing charges in one of the justice courts. Near the downtown area, there is the Downtown Justice Court, the West McDowell Justice Court and the Encanto Justice Court. These courts are located at the Downtown Justice Center at 620 West Jackson Street. Some of the other justice courts that commonly hear Phoenix DUI, domestic violence and other criminal charges are the Arcadia Biltmore Justice Court, Dreamy Draw Justice Court, Moon Valley Justice Court, North Valley Justice Court and the Desert Ridge Justice Court.

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