Anthem DUI Lawyer and Criminal Defense Lawyer

Anthem DUI Lawyer and Criminal Defense Lawyer Attorney Steven Scharboneau fights for the rights of Anthem residents. If you have been arrested in Anthem, Arizona then chances are that you may have been brought to the Maricopa County Sheriff’s substation at the Anthem Civic Center off of Venture Drive. This substation is where criminal investigations occur and DUIs are processed from Anthem and surrounding areas.

Because Anthem is unincorporated, there is no Anthem City Court. Instead, misdemeanor criminal charges are heard in one of the Maricopa County Justice Courts. All of Anthem sits within the North Valley Justice Precinct, and therefore the North Valley Justice Court is where court is held for these misdemeanor criminal charges. The North Valley Justice Court is located at 14264 West Tierra Buena Lane in Surprise Arizona. The court can be reached by calling (602) 372-2000.

That said, the part of Anthem that resides on the west side of the I-17 is actually in the City of Phoenix. The Phoenix Police Department patrols this side of the freeway in the area. If you are cited for a DUI or other misdemeanor offense, you will likely need to go to court in downtown Phoenix at the Phoenix Municipal Court on 300 West Washington Street.

A person who is facing felony charges in Anthem (no matter on the east or west side) will appear before the Maricopa County Superior Court. The criminal division for the Maricopa County Superior Court is also downtown and nearby the Phoenix Municipal Court on Jefferson Street.

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