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Excellent Work

Steven was a professional throughout the entire process, and was extremely well prepared for every nuance of the case. He was willing to take my input in situations that called for it, and was extremely easy to work with throughout. He had an outstanding “game plan” for the trial as a whole, and nothing seemed to trip him up. I could not have asked for a better lawyer, or a better result from the situation.

– Zack

"Just Live your life, we got this"

The second I picked up the phone to call these guys, I was in a great position. I had never had any need for a lawyer, and didn’t know how to find a good one. Luckily, Steven Scharboneau was available and he took care of every detail. His advice to me after our first call was, “Just live your life, we got this.” Steven is a great person and knows what he’s doing. I feel confident that he was able to secure the best possible outcome for me, and he was willing to discuss or explain every option, every potential outcome, and every possible scenario that my anxious brain dreamt up.
I can’t recommend Stone Rose enough. Every person I interacted with from Colby to the various paralegals were professional, prompt, and made me feel safe and secure.

– Clayson

DUI Case

Working with Steven Scharboneau and Stone Rose Law was a great experience! Their communication was amazing and consistent and they kept me informed all the way through! I had a very unfortunate situation occur to me in December 2021. I honestly thought my entire life and career was over. Since the day I spoke to Steven on the phone all of my problems instantly started to get better one day at a time. Most importantly, Steven kept me level headed through the entire process and he was also extremely honest with me and upfront all the way through. He’s extremely confident and good at what he does, but also has empathy and compassion throughout the process. I beat my entire case and it was worth every penny! I would recommend Steven 100 times over again!

– Prentice

Very Knowledgeable, Aggressive, Professional

After a very unfortunate set of circumstances, I found myself looking at a very lengthy sentence in ADOC due to a prior felony case in 2004 when I was only 17 years old. I’m now 34 with a wife and 4 children, own my home and business and nearly lost everything. Steve fought for my rights, presented an extremely viable and and solid defensive strategy. As a result of Mr. Scharboneau’s relentless hard work and dedication, he was able to negotiate a resolution which allowed me to keep my life, my freedom and my future! Amazing! Highly recommended!!!

– Chase

Excellent Service

We were fighting a DUI case and I got the DUI charge dropped for a lesser charge, reckless driving in a plea deal. Extremely happy and appreciative in how my case was resolved, all thanks to Stone Rose Law and my attorney Steven Scharboneau.

– Alan

BEST Criminal Defense Attorney in US


– Nicholas

Steven Won My Case

I worked primarily with Steven to resolve an issue where I was being exploited by someone. From the very beginning, Steven was informative, friendly, and helpful. He informed me of what to expect regarding process and timeline and kept me updated along the way. In the end, he won my case which had a huge impact on my life. I am so grateful for Steven…

– Matt

Steve Is Amazing!

Steve worked diligently on my case from the first consultation to following through with my petition. He was very responsive to my questions. Steve went above and beyond when it came to my case striving for the best possible outcome.

– Leah

Professional & Personable Team

I recently had the staff at Stone Rose Law and especially Steve Scharboneau help me through a long grueling case of mine. They always were communicating with me about updates. When it came to being in court, Steve showed all that he knows. He was nothing but a fighter and never stepped down in the tough case we had, which in turn helped us out in the end. If you want someone who is personable but also willing to push anything for you in your case, Steve is the one to do it. I have nothing but compliments for him and recommend him to anyone needing an attorney in the area. The crew at Stone Rose are still helping me with stuff, to this day, I need to do even after a verdict has been made. AMAZING FIRM!!

– DUI Client

Great Experience!!!

Steve, the attorney that represented me, is very knowledgeable and personal. Every time I called with questions or concerns he got on the phone himself immediately and answered all of my questions. I personally recommend this team.

– Thomas

Hire this Firm if you like results

Two things to know before starting this. One; always record your interactions with police and two; never speak to them and exercise your right to remain silent even if they tell you, you’re not under arrest or anything at all. Just dont talk. With that in mind. I was recently charged with a criminal offense (one which I will keep private for reasons) and was extremely stressed and losing sleep over. While my fault and a wake up call which prompted me to change my life it was still an ordeal. Colby Kanouse, Steve Scharboneau and the team at Stone Rose Law were amazing. Due to a discrepancy in my case they were able to, through a plea deal, have the charges dropped with stipulations. If not for the team at Stone Rose I don’t know where or how stressful my life would be right now. They are an amazing, professional, courteous, understanding, empathetic, thorough and more importantly human. I made the right decision in hiring them to handle my case as they handled it to the point of “beyond satisfaction”.

Big thank you’s to the people at Stone Rose Law. If you are ever in need of a team of people that will care for you and handle your case competently, professionally and with backbone than they are the law firm you should hire.
Thank you Steve Scharboneau and Colby Kanouse for everything you and your team did.

– Chad

My go to for everything

Awesome team they have set up and on top of it all! My go to for everything. Won’t be disappointed so give ‘em a shot!

– Greg