What Other Attorneys Say about Attorney Steven Scharboneau

Attorney Endorsements

Attorney James Smith - Scottsdale, Arizona

Steve is an excellent advocate under any conditions. I have worked with Steve on numerous cases and I have seen first hand his abilities, and frankly his devotion, to producing a winning argument are second to none. I recommend Mr. Scharboneau to anyone in need of criminal defense.

Attorney Omer Gurion - Phoenix, Arizona

I am proud to endorse Steve Scharboneau. Steve has been an active member of the criminal defense bar since before he was a member of the bar. He is a leader in the community and an asset to his clients. I highly endorse this attorney.

Attorney Craig Rosenstein - Scottsdale, Arizona

I am genuinely excited to write this review. Steve is an amazing attorney and person. He is exceptionally diligent and genuinely cares for his clients. More importantly, he’s good. He’s a triple threat. Rare is the attorney who can research at a top tier level, write elegantly, and articulate those thoughts in Court effectively. Steve can do all three.

Attorney Rhonda Neff - Phoenix, Arizona

I endorse this lawyer. Steve is one of the most talented and dedicated defense lawyers in Arizona. He not only fights for the rights of the accused in the courtroom, but also by fighting at the legislature to change the harsh Arizona laws. I highly recommend him.

Attorney Howard Dworman - Scottsdale, Arizona

Impressive is the one word that immediately comes to mind when someone asks me about Mr. Scharboneau. He is hard working, very intelligent, and leaves no stone unturned. I endorse this lawyer.

Attorney David Maletta - Phoenix, Arizona

I endorse this lawyer. Steve is the hardest working attorney I know. He is a great lawyer. He always goes above and beyond for his clients. Anyone he represents is in great hands.

Attorney Derek Debus - Scottsdale, Arizona

Steven is an exceptionally hard working and dedicated attorney. He approaches each case surgically, dissecting every piece of evidence and investigating every potential issue with the ferocity of a bulldog with a bone. There is nothing more important to Steve than achieving a good result for his clients. Not only do I endorse Steven, but I would seek to hire him if I was ever in need of a criminal defense attorney!

Attorney Timothy Hintze - Phoenix, Arizona

I have had the pleasure of working alongside Steve and witnessing his passion for defending the accused. His knowledge of the criminal justice system is second to none. If you are facing criminal charges, you want Steve fighting on your side. I endorse him without hesitation.

Attorney Colby Kanouse - Scottsdale, Arizona

Steven is a fine young lawyer who cares about his clients. He is very knowledgeable and works hard.