8 Questions to Ask a Criminal Defense Attorney Before Hiring

“Who should I hire and why should I hire them?”

“How do I know what questions to ask a criminal defense attorney before hiring them?”

To help you answer these questions, I have created a PDF checklist that you can either print out or just fill in and save to your computer. When choosing a criminal defense attorney to represent you, you should take the time to get to know that person and inquire into why they do what they do, how deep they understand criminal defense law, and if they are really a criminal justice lawyer.

You should also take the time to learn more about their practice habits and how the office works cases like yours. Learn who will actually be handling  your case. Using this form will help you navigate a conversation with a criminal defense attorney and the answers will help you understand more about where the person is coming from that will be representing you in what could be the most important affair of your life.

8 Questions to Ask A Criminal Defense Attorney Before Hiring Them (pdf)