Month: November 2020

Rebuilding your Reputation After a Felony Conviction

The reputation that comes with a felony conviction can be hard to come back from and cost people who are highly qualified to lose out on opportunities just because their reputation has taken a hit. Some are stopped in their tracks simply by the thought of “how could I get a job with a felony

What Civil Rights are Taken Away with a Felony Conviction?

In Arizona, there are three main civil rights that are taken away from an individual upon a felony conviction. (1) the right to possess a deadly weapon or firearm, (2) the right to vote and (3) the right hold public office. Once a person is convicted of a felony in Arizona, these rights are automatically

About the Author – Criminal Defense Lawyer in Phoenix, Arizona

Steven Scharboneau is an Arizona attorney practicing criminal defense law and is also a lobbyist with deep roots in the Phoenix Metro area. While he primarily practices in the area of Arizona criminal law, he also practices in other areas where the opportunity to represent the accused presents itself. Beyond the courtroom, Steven advocates for Arizonans impacted by the criminal justice system by working to change Arizona’s criminal laws. Protecting the rights of others from government intrusion is Steven’s passion in life.

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