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Diversion – A Chance to Earn a Dismissal of Criminal Charges

Can a person charged with a crime really complete some classes and have the charges against them dismissed? The answer is, yes. This type of program is referred to different names across the country, but in Arizona the most common name for it is diversion, deferred prosecution or suspended prosecution. Diversion is supposed to be

Felony Disorderly Conduct Can Have Life Long Consequences

Disorderly Conduct charges in Arizona can be very serious charges and it can be charged in a number of ways. In fact, disorderly conduct can be charged for so many different actions that it is often referred to as a catch all charge. If law enforcement comes across conduct they believe (or believe it should be) illegal,

MCAO Says Prohibited Possessor Cases Will Be Prison Mandatory

The Maricopa County Attorney’s Office just changed their policy on how they will be handling cases that involve a firearm. This includes prohibited possessor charges involving a firearm. Here is what you need to know. Prohibited possessor charges in Arizona are legally called Misconduct Involving a Weapon charges. While there are many ways that a person can

The Felony That Can Become a Misdemeanor – Class 6 Undesignated

What Is a Class Six Undesignated Felony? Simply put, a class six undesignated felony (also known as a class six open) is a felony conviction that can be turned into a misdemeanor by the court. One way to think about it is to remember that all felonies are presumptively “designated” or unable to be brought

Expungement is coming to Arizona! What you need to know.

I have discussed expungement in my blog in the past, and I’m doing it again because the law keeps changing—which is a good thing for once! As you probably know, Proposition 207 legalized the recreational use of marijuana and also provided a narrow path for the expungement and sealing of prior criminal records. While this

Renting a Home with a Felony Conviction in Tucson (or anywhere)

Authored by Joe Watson, Communications Director of American Friends Service Committee Arizona. November 29, 2020 To my friends with a conviction history, looking for a house or apartment, who think that nobody will rent to you: I understand that this process can often be humiliating and it may keep you from reaching out to complexes

Rebuilding your Reputation After a Felony Conviction

The reputation that comes with a felony conviction can be hard to come back from and cost people who are highly qualified to lose out on opportunities just because their reputation has taken a hit. Some are stopped in their tracks simply by the thought of “how could I get a job with a felony

What Civil Rights are Taken Away with a Felony Conviction?

In Arizona, there are three main civil rights that are taken away from an individual upon a felony conviction. (1) the right to possess a deadly weapon or firearm, (2) the right to vote and (3) the right hold public office. Once a person is convicted of a felony in Arizona, these rights are automatically

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