Month: August 2022

Is Reckless Driving Really a Crime?

The answer is, yes. It’s a class two misdemeanor, which can carry penalties up to 4 months in jail and a $750 fine (although fines can dramatically increase after statutory surcharges). In addition to this, a conviction of Reckless driving can have negative consequences regarding your driver’s license. Arizona is a state that has criminalized a

What is Criminal Damage and Why is It Charged in Arizona?

The charge of criminal damage occurs when a person damages another person’s property, and the conduct gives rise to the level of criminal conduct under Arizona law. As we will discuss later, criminal damage can be charged as a felony or a misdemeanor and the level of the offense largely depends on the value of

Expungement is coming to Arizona! What you need to know.

I have discussed expungement in my blog in the past, and I’m doing it again because the law keeps changing—which is a good thing for once! As you probably know, Proposition 207 legalized the recreational use of marijuana and also provided a narrow path for the expungement and sealing of prior criminal records. While this

Was the Search Warrant for Trump’s House Legal?

Yesterday, history was made when the FBI executed a search warrant on former president Donald Trump’s home in Florida. While much is unknown outside of the statement released by the former president, it is interesting to think about the 4th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, the laws surrounding warrant searches and seizures and how this

The Truth About Domestic Violence Charges in Arizona

When most people think about domestic violence, they think of an abusive spouse and domestic violence itself a crime that is charged against said abusive spouse. While certainly an abusive spouse could be charged for domestic violence in Arizona, the cases we see most are simply loud arguments between domestic partners, or the situation where

About the Author – Criminal Defense Lawyer in Phoenix, Arizona

Steven Scharboneau is an Arizona attorney practicing criminal defense law and is also a lobbyist with deep roots in the Phoenix Metro area. While he primarily practices in the area of Arizona criminal law, he also practices in other areas where the opportunity to represent the accused presents itself. Beyond the courtroom, Steven advocates for Arizonans impacted by the criminal justice system by working to change Arizona’s criminal laws. Protecting the rights of others from government intrusion is Steven’s passion in life.

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